Essential oil diffusers – Quality of Life & Well-Being

Essential oil is one of the best natural products for our beauty, health and relaxation. It is a therapeutic method to improve both your physical and mental health, balance, take care of your skin, reduce stress and remove bacteria, mold, viruses and pathogen. There are many ways to use essential oil, including diffusion, massage, bathing, inhalation, etc. However, the most effective way to take all the advantages of essential oil is diffusion. That’s why we have Essential Oil Diffuser.

What is essential oil diffuser?

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Essential Oil Diffuser is a device used to diffuse the essential oil into the air, which make you be able to inhale the oil when you breathe and to absorb it into your skin. At the same time, the essential oil spreading out into the environment can eliminate the growth of bacteria, mildew or harmful chemicals. These benefits cannot be done if you just apply the essential oil on your skin.

Placing essential oil diffuser at your room, office or in the car, you will have chance to breathe the fresh and pure air with great aroma to help you feel relaxed, reduce stress, improve your mood and boost your energy as well as your immune system.

How does it work?

The basic common principle of essential oil diffuser is that it breaks down the essential oil into tiny micro-molecules which easily to be dispersed into the air and go through our brain and other organs through respiratory system. The essence of the oil will go directly to our brain and then the brain will send it to other parts of your body to do its job.

There are a lot of methods to diffuse essential oil into the air such as candle, evaporate, spray, nebulize, etc. However, they all belong to four main types: Evaporative, Heat, Nebulizing and Ultrasonic.

Types of essential oil diffuser

There are four types of diffuser for essential oil: evaporative, heat, nebulizing, and ultrasonic. Each type has its own way to work. And as the result, they all have their advantages and downsides.

Evaporative diffuser

mobile car diffuserEvaporative essential oil diffuser is the simplest type in operation. The essential oil is placed in a pad or a filter, then a fan is designed to blow the air through the pad to make a oil evaporate into the room.

Pros: The wind-blowing diffuser is very good at spreading out the scent into the small space. It is really effective in getting the scent into the air. Besides, this type of diffuser is normally designed in small size and shape which is easy to bring with you. Evaporative diffuser is also very easy to use and doesn’t make sound when it operates. More importantly, its price is completely affordable.

Cons: evaporative diffusers tend to diffuse the lighter components quicker than the heavier components, which affect on the quality of the essential oil and decrease the therapeutic functions of the oil. Therefore, it sometimes cannot provide all the benefits of essential oil.

Heat diffuser

Heat diffuser uses heat to diffuse the essential oil. It can be a burning candle, or use electricity to heat up the oil and make it evaporate.

Pros: it is the cheaHeat diffuserpest essential oil diffuser in the market. And it is perfect for small room such as bathroom, small bedroom, etc. Moreover, the candle diffuser can create an incredibly romantic or cozy atmosphere when needed. Also, its easy-to-carry size can help you bring it to anywhere. Finally, like evaporative diffuser, heat diffuser is quiet when it works.

Cons: Heat essential diffuser sometimes creates high heat that can change the chemical constituents of the essential oils. And it may damage or destroy some good components of the oil that provide the therapeutic functions. Moreover, high heat or low heat can also change the strong level of essential oil which can broke the chemical bonding of the oil. Besides, using candle to heat up the diffuser is not really safe for your room because it can cause fire or if you have kid and pet.

Nebulizing diffuser

Nebulizing diffuserIt is a new technology in oil diffusion which can make the uses of essential oil more effective. It contains two parts: a funnel or a bottle made of glass to hold essential oil, and a motor to blow the oil into the air.  The motor will operate to create an air flow, then this jet of air will create a vacuum to pull the liquid at the bottom of the tube to the top. And it blows the oil in fine spray or mist.

Pros: The nebulizer can break down the essential oil into very tiny particles, which help the users easy to taken it into their body. Moreover, nebulizing diffuser doesn’t use water to mix with essential oil, so you get the 100% pure essential oil dispersed which helps it become the best type for therapeutic function. Innovative programs designed on some nebulizing diffusers such as timer, auto shut-up, lighting system controlling… is very convenient to use.

Cons: Nebulizing diffuser is the most expensive type among the four. And it makes noise which bothers some people. It can put a large amount of oil into the room in a short time, which can cause a waste of essential oil if you let it run all day long. Therefore, it is recommended of using a timer to set the certain time of using it.

Ultrasonic diffuser

Ultrasonic-diffuserThis is the most innovative technology of essential oil diffuser. It is designed to make use of electronic frequencies to make a small disk vibrate under the surface of water in order to break down the essential oil into super small micro-particles.

Pros: it is the recommended as the best essential oil diffuser, providing all the most effective benefits of essential oil but the price is more reasonable than nebulizing diffuser. It can humidify the air at the same time with diffusing the oil. Besides, ultrasonic diffusers use water to add to essential oil, so it requires smaller amount of essential oil than nebulizers. And because of using water, it creates mist which is very useful for the room with conditioner.

Cons: ultrasonic diffuser oil is quite heavy and big, so it is difficult to carry to other place or put in the car. And some products require careful maintenance (regularly cleaning, oil changing, etc.)